Worship Ministries
Implementation of worship services requires the participation of many persons and ministries.

Acolytes, meaning “one who helps,” assist the Clergy around the altar area (sanctuary), during worship services, particularly on Sundays. This group of young people wear vestments as they serve in various ways and positions.

The Altar Guild
This group of committed volunteers is responsible for the preparation of the altar for worship, the upkeep of vestments for the clergy, the care of the altar linens, and the decoration of the church as it may pertain to weekly Sunday services, special services and festivals.

Eucharistic Ministers
Lay Eucharistic Ministers (LEMs) assists the priest in administering the consecrated bread and wine during communion services.

Eucharistic Visitors
Lay Eucharistic Visitors (LEVs) take the Blessed Sacrament from the altar to the sick and housebound who are unable to attend Sunday morning worship services. Reception of communion at home is a way to participate, by extension, in the gathering of the Church Family.

The Flower Guild
Floral arrangements for Sunday worship services, other major festivals like Easter, Christmas, Pentecost, Thanksgiving, and for occasions including marriage, are prepared by the Flower Guild. Members give monetary donations in memory of loved ones, or in thanksgiving to God for a special occasion.

Gift Bearers
Each Sunday, two individuals act as Gift Bearers and they present the elements of bread and wine at the altar during the Offering.

The Greeters are the first persons you meet when you enter our doors. These individuals extend a warm welcome, and friendly greeting to guests and members alike.

Guest Hosts
The Guest Hosts inform guests of the Welcome packet located in front of their seats and invite them to sign our Guest Book. After the service, the Guest Hosts normally accompany guests to Coffee Hour and subsequently communicate with them after as a follow-up.

Lectors read the first biblical reading on Sunday mornings during the 10:15 a.m. Service.

Liturgical Dancers (Feet of Worship)
The liturgical dancers express worship, prayer and praise to God through dance during worship services, on special occasions and other church functions. The types of dances are often based on the different kinds of music that accompany the dances. 

Music at Holy Sacrament is important to its people; they love to sing. The music is a combination of traditional and contemporary. The Children, Youth, Adult Choirs, and the Youth Worship Praise Band, are led by the Director of Music and Organist. Concerts are also a major feature of the music program.
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The Projectionists
At all services, the projectionists are responsible for managing the PowerPoint presentations, displayed on overhead projectors. The presentations are prepared by the Church Secretary. 

Sound Technicians
The Sound Techs ensures that the sound system is well maintained and working effectively for all worship services and church events, held indoors and out. They are responsible for ensuring that sound devices are available for the different types of services and events, held on the church campus.

The Ushers Guild greets and presents guests and members with a bulletin, and may take guests to their seat, if requested. The Ushers provide for the congregants’ needs, caring for them in cases of emergency, being vigilant, collecting the offering, and supervising communion.