Pledge Payments by Credit Card, Automatic Draft, Check or Cash
Pledge payments can be made by credit card, automatic draft, check or cash. The Bookkeeper’s Office can set up a system so that your pledge will be charged to your VISA, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express card. This can be done for recurring pledge payments, one time gifts, honorariums, or memorials.

There is also the option of paying your pledge through automatic deductions from your checking or savings account. This can be set up through your own bill pay system, or please click here to contact Beverley Keizs or call 954-432-8686 for assistance.

Pledge payments can be made by putting checks or cash in your personalized member envelopes and then placing them in the offering plate.

Cash or Check
Cash or check offerings can be placed in the offering plate by using the envelopes provided in the pews in front of you. Checks and money orders can also be mailed to the Church at 2801 North University Drive, Pembroke Pines, FL 33024. If cash is placed in an envelope from the pew, in order to receive credit for such a donation, the donor will need to place his or her name and address on the envelope.

Charitable Gift Funds
Gifts can be designated to Holy Sacrament from any Charitable Gift fund. If you need further information, please click here to contact Beverley Keizs or call 954-432-8686.

Estate Planning
Do consider making Holy Sacrament a part of your Estate Planning.

Altar Flowers
Persons can make donations toward altar flowers for Sunday worship services. Such donations can be made in remembrance of family members and friends who have passed away or in thanksgiving to God for an event or loved one in your life. The name of the donor and the reason for the donation are mentioned in the Sunday bulletin, unless not preferred.

Easter and Christmas Altar Flowers
Members of Holy Sacrament are invited to remember their loved ones who have died or to give in thanksgiving to God for blessings of family members and friends or for a particular occasion by making a donation toward Easter and Christmas flowers for worship services as we celebrate these special days.

Missionary Work and Local Outreach
Persons can make donations toward our Summer and Christmas Missions, currently to Belize and Jamaica, respectively, and to our Local Outreach work. The many people whose lives are touched by your monetary contributions and by what we do are phenomenal. All donations made go toward the mission work of our church.