Vestry & Officers
The Vestry of Holy Sacrament is the chief leadership body of the Church.

The Vestry operates under the guidance of the Rector, as its Presiding Officer. It is comprised of 12 elected members including the Senior and Junior Wardens. The Clerk and Treasurer may be non-voting members. The Officers and Members assist the Rector in the furtherance of the mission, welfare, property, financial affairs and effectiveness of the Church. The Members of the Vestry are elected to a three-year term, and four of the 12 elected members rotate off the Vestry every January at our Annual Parish Meeting. Each member serves as a liaison to a ministry group.

Officers of the Vestry
The Rev. Anthony B. Holder D. Min., Rector & Chair
Patricia Rowe-King MD., Senior Warden
Sharon Rodgers, Junior Warden
Charmaine Millington-Rose, Clerk
Alison Adams, Treasurer
Abe Bailey, Esq., Chancellor


Terms expire at Annual Meeting 2019
Sharon Rodgers, Junior Warden, Property
Alison Adams, Treasurer, Ministry
Jim Marsh, 
Ugo Okafor MD., Fellowship

Terms expire at Annual Meeting 2020
Patricia Rowe-King MD., Senior Warden, Evangelism
Gwyneth Francis, Fellowship
Debbyann Prescott, Children and Youth

Terms expire at Annual Meeting 2021
Ducarmel Augustin PhD., Children & Youth
Patrick Dunkley, Ministry
Michael Sewell, Discipleship
Michele Thomas, Worship