Stewardship is an act of love. It is a way of life. We are responding to God’s love for us. Our stewardship is to be an expression of our love for God and our relationship with Him, trusting Him and knowing that He is concerned with us personally. As stewards, we are caretakers of what God has given us. Its value can be gratifying, and its benefits of building up the body of Christ and God’s kingdom are simply exhilarating.

At Holy Sacrament, a Stewardship Committee promotes, throughout the year, the biblical principles that are required of us, as members, to give of our time, treasure and talents in God’s service.

The Committee is responsible for the preparation and implementation of the Annual Stewardship Drive which begins in October, the assimilation of members’ Time and Talent information, and the distribution of offering /pledge envelopes.

The Committee also hosts the annual Congregation Appreciation Breakfast, an event in which members are thanked for their offering of time, talent and financial resources to the church.

In addition, the Committee organizes Ministry Education Sundays. These Sundays give members an opportunity to view the displays of and to learn about the church’s various ministries and programs, so as to make a more informed decision as to which ministry they feel called to participate.

If you would like to discuss your stewardship, or any aspect of it, please click here to email Debbie Stevens or click here to contact Beverley Keizs, Bookkeeper, or call 954-432-8686.