After writing my blog last night, Father Vicente introduced the team to the Chief of the Bonao Fire Department and his wife. They are a young couple who are expecting a baby. Father Vicente, Nancy, his wife, and their three children, as well as the Senior Warden, Carmen, and other friends, visited and socialized with us at the hotel. Following the departure of our guests, the team meet to recap the day and to plan for the next day. Karen Eddy, our Team Leader, also asked each team member to state why they felt called to mission ministry and to this mission in particular.

It was a very interesting night since our hotel is located in the heart of night life activity. Our hotel is situated next to a disco and bar and from my window I can see the city square in which a gazebos/band stand is positioned. Suffice it to say that the night was a hive of action and noise with the distinct engines of motorcycles, tooting car horns, loud music, police sirens, people chatting on the streets, and missionaries trying to sleep in their rooms but could not help but sway to the music while in their beds. What a perfect place to put our missionaries! 

Following a well-deserved shower after a hot and humid day, and in the midst of a town that seems to never sleep, at least on a Saturday night, I did my devotions and off to bed I went.