Join us for live services at Holy Sacrament Episcopal Church
every Sunday at 9:30 a.m.

In an effort to observe social distancing guidelines and provide the best experience possible, seating will be limited and reservations are recommended.

Call the Church Office today and make your reservations

If you do not feel comfortable attending in person,
we invite you to join us for Drive-In Church in our parking lot or
on Facebook/You Tube
by conference call at 929-205-6099
When prompted, please enter the following:
Meeting ID: 994 3393 3565
Password: 1

What You Need to Know

When you arrive on our Campus, please park at the front or the South side of the church.  Entrance to the church will be through the South side door (by the handicap signs) or the main front door.

All persons attending the service are expected to:

  • Wear a facemask (Note: children under two years of age are not be required to wear a facemask).
  • Maintain a six-foot distance between households at all times.
  • Sanitize their hands prior to entering the Sanctuary.

There will be a few “new normals” and it may feel a bit different.  But remember, Jesus Christ, whom we worship, is always the same yesterday and today and forever at Holy Sacrament.

  • An Usher will escort you to your assigned seat. We ask that you do not change seats.
  • Music will be provided but there is no congregational singing at this time.
  • Please remain in your seat at the Peace. Instead of a handshake and hug, give your friends a wave.
  • Holy Communion will be administered in One Kind only (no wine).
  • The Parish Hall is closed. However, on Sundays, our exciting and stimulating Coffee Hour will be available via Zoom.

November 25, 2020


9:30 AM Sunday Service

Dear Holy Sacrament Family and Friends,


We continue to monitor the Broward County COVID-19 statistic and want to reiterate that we must remain vigilant.  In that light, we have the following guidelines in place for worshipping in your cars while on the Holy Sacrament Campus:

  • Most importantly, persons MUST stay in their cars at all times.
  • Upon entering the Campus, Ushers will direct you to a parking spot ensuring that there is 10-12 feet distancing from other cars.
  • As we are now experiencing cooler temperatures, we suggest you turn off your engine and roll down your windows and enjoy the fresh air. 
  • Once parked, log unto Holy Sacrament’s Facebook/You Tube link or call in by phone and follow the worship service. And yes, you may sing in your car!  Nevertheless, please, put on your mask if anyone approaches your car.
  • At the Peace, everyone will be encouraged to greet one another by honking the car horn.

Administration of the Host

  • Our Celebrant has consecrated the Host prior to the service.  A Lay Eucharistic Minister (LEM) will distribute the Consecrated Host for the persons in your car during the Peace. 
  • Instructions for the driver of the car when the LEM approaches your car:
  • Put on your Face Mask.
  • Signal to the LEM how many persons in the car will be receiving the Host.
  • Extend one hand out, palm flat, facing upward. The LEM will place the Host(s) in your hand.
  • Once the Consecrated Host has been given to you and distribute the Host to the other persons in your car.
  • WAIT  - Do not consume the Host yet! 
  • Continue to worship on-line. 
  • When the Celebrant says “The Body of Christ, The Bread of Heaven”, consume the Host.
  • Once the service has ended, please follow the Usher’s instructions to exit the campus.

Please Note:

  • The Celebrant and Ushers will guide you. Just sit back and enjoy worshipping on Holy Sacrament’s Campus!
  • An Offertory Box will be available as you enter/exit the Campus.
  • Online virtual worship is here to stay. You will be able to continue worshipping with us from your home if this is your preferred choice.

With gratitude for your love and continued support,

The Holy Sacrament Vestry and Re-Gathering Task Force

Dear Holy Sacrament Family,

As you are aware, following the directives from the Bishop’s Office, we will not be re-gathering at the church until July at the earliest, and that is provided it is considered safe at that time. We remain hopeful and look forward to the time when it will be safe for us to worship in-person with our beloved Holy Sacrament family. The Wardens and Vestry have commissioned a 14 member “Re-Gathering Holy Sacrament” Task Force to develop a plan that would allow us to open Holy Sacrament’s campus in such a way that is safe for all of our congregants to come and worship. Until that time, virtual services will continue. When the campus re-opens and it is safe to worship in-person, Sunday worship services will also continue to be available online.

At the top of the page, are links to an Executive Summary and PowerPoint presentation of the diocesan “On Being Faithful” document. This document guides our plans as we discern how we will continue worshiping either virtually or in-person during and after the COVID-19 Pandemic.

With every blessing,

The Wardens, Vestry and the “Re-Gathering Holy Sacrament” Task Force