Tuesday morning, August 9, began with heavy rain. Originally we had planned to visit a friend, Janet, in Hamilton, Ontario, but that visit did not materialize. We particularly wanted to visit her since the passing of her husband, and my long-time friend, Father Charles. Then we thought of taking the children to Center Island, an amusement park we had taken the children for the past two years. But the heavy rain prevented that from happening. I guess the Almighty knew that I needed the time to relax and to get ready for the Task Force Meeting which I ended up spending the day doing. I wanted to have the Order of Service for Worship finalized and therefore, I did that among other things.

In the evening, friends of both my cousins and ours, Winston and Phyllis, came over to my cousins’ home for a barbecue. Incidentally, I have known Winston and Phyllis for many years through their son, Brian. He and I attended the same elementary school and were in the same class before he migrated to Canada to join his parents. The friendship between the families continued, resulting in one of Brian’s aunts becoming my youngest brother’s Godmother. In addition, Brian and his wife, Wendy, were married by me in Barbados in May 1996. So every time we visit Canada, Winston and Phyllis visit us and we always have a great time… and this time was no exception. We enjoyed reminiscing about old times and talking about my new ministry at Holy Sacrament Church. We enjoyed Phyllis’ culinary ability and we grilled at my cousins’.

After dinner, I excused myself from the table to join, via Skype, a meeting of the Task Force organizing the Leadership Workshop. This team of professionals were planning a workshop for the Vestry, Lay Leaders of Ministries, Organizations, and Committees and the Office Staff so that we could listen, share and dream together as we chart a way forward for our parish family. This Committee has worked very well together – one of the best of which I have been a part. After the completion of the meeting, I was able to rejoin my family and friends for dessert and further conversation.