Adult Choir

The Adult Choir is made up of enthusiastic and devoted singers,
who choose to give honor and glory to God through song.
This choir sings a wide variety of repertoire, from traditional to sacred music, though contemporary, and usually sings an anthem every Sunday, unless otherwise noted,

from the middle of September through May. 

Please contact the Director of Music for more information

New members are always welcome to join any of these music groups!

Children's Choir

The Children’s Choir laud their praises to God at the Youth Sunday Worship services on select Sundays.
This group consists of K-5 singers. 

Youth Choir

The Youth Choir is primarily a choir made up of Middle & High School age children.
They sing glory to God at select Youth Sunday Worship Services.
Their main focus will be Contemporary Christian repertoire.

Youth Worship Praise Band

The Youth Worship Praise Band consists of teenage musicians, that perform and
accompany the Children & Youth Choirs for Youth Sunday Worship Services from September through May. 
They will also accompany at Christmas and Easter services when available.
Typical instruments include the guitar, keyboard, drums, strings, brass, woodwinds, and percussion.

Concerts and Recitals

Concerts and recitals are a major feature of the music program at Holy Sacrament.
Renowned national and international musicians performed different genres of music at our concerts

and recitals held on a quarterly basis (every three months).
If you or your group would like to be considered for participation

in one of our concerts here at Holy Sacrament,
or need more information regarding them, please contact our Director of Music, Michael Harris.

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Michael, Director of Music, at 786-356-4405.