On Monday, August 8, the children awoke with excitement because it was a big day for the family since we were going to visit the Canadian National Tower, more familiarly known as the CN Tower, in downtown Toronto. It was the fulfilment of a promise made to Tadhg since last year. He had waited patiently for that, and those who know Tadhg know that patience is not one of his virtues. Aleksi was also thrilled as well since Tadhg had previously enlightened her as to the kind of place the CN Tower was.

We got off to a lazy start and although we wanted to leave before 11:00 a.m., we never left home until after midday…those who are saying that was late – remember we are on vacation (smile). We tried not to let time dictate our lives. Nevertheless, on arrival at the Tower, we decided to do the “Total Tower” tour, which had five different parts to it.

After purchasing our tickets, we went into the base of the Tower to go to see the first part of our tour, which was the “Look-Out.”

The “Look-out Level” is 1136 ft high (113 building stories). At this level, we were able to enjoy some incredible views of Toronto and beyond. It is a large area in which many people can see the gorgeous view.

Next, we went to the “Sky Pod,” which is the highest part of the tower anyone can go. The  – “Sky Pod” is 1465 ft high or the equivalent of 147 building stories, and from that level, one will see an awe-struck 360 degree unobstructed view of Toronto, Lake Ontario, and the surrounding region. While waiting in the line to go up to the “Sky Pod” we bought hotdogs, patties, and drinks, to tie us over until dinner time.

Then, it was to the “Glass Floor.” What was amazing about the “Glass Floor”was the fact that you can look right through the floor and see outside of the Tower. If you are afraid of heights that may be a bit unnerving. It was interested to see children, including ours, lie on the “Glass Floor” to take pictures. The “Glass Floor” is 1122 ft (112 building stories).

We decided to go and see a 3-D movie at this time. The name of the movie, “Ultimate Wave Tahiti,” depicts the beauty of an island paradise in Tahiti where professional surfers are on a quest to find the perfect wave-riding experience. The time period of the movie is about 25 minutes.

The last of the five-part tour was a motion theater ride named “Himalamazon.” This for me was the “best” part of the tour. This is not to say that seeing the beauty of Toronto was not good but the motion theater ride was a first time experience for my family and me. The ride comes with special effects and you can feel the wind and experience getting wet on the theater ride. The scene depicts a jungle theme like the Himalayas or the Amazon Rainforest. Hence, the name “Himalamazon.” It is one of these things that you cannot explain – you have to see and experience it to really absorb it.

We spent 5 hours at the CN Tower and it was worth it. The children had a marvelous time and it was educational for them and us. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, we drove home after having an exhausting afternoon but a well-enjoyed tour of the Canadian National Tower.