We are happy to hear from our fellow missionaries in Falmouth, Jamaica, and to receive an update from them. Their medical team leader, Dr. John Williams, sent me an email yesterday (June 13) touching base on what is happening there.

Dr. John commented on the challenges that are continuing to happen. The Granville Home for Girls continues to have its struggles. The behavior of the girls leaves a lot to be desired for they are almost uncontrollable. Two incidents occurred during the past two days. Rose Williams, the Team Leader, and The Reverend Maud Paraison, the Spiritual Director, were soaked with water in the middle of a fight that transpired at the Home. On another day, a girl stabbed another in the hand with a pen. Nevertheless, the team is moving ahead with its mission and ministry and keeping in good spirits. According to Dr. Williams, “they are rolling with the punches.”

The doctors at the medical clinic continue to stay busy, examining 45 to 50 patients daily.

We continue to pray for the Jamaican team in light of the challenges they are experiencing.