Finally, we have heard from the Jamaica Team! The Dominican Republic Team received an email from the members of the Jamaica Team on Monday, June 11, but did not see it until the next day. The mission team here in the Dominican Republic was elated to hear from our fellow missionaries since we have prayed for them every day during our mission.

The Jamaican Team has had a few challenges but they are rising above them. When they arrived in Jamaica last Saturday, they found that their list of medical supplies and medications had not been received by the Immigration Office at the airport in spite of the fact that they were sent to their liaison 3 weeks before their arrival. As a result, the team had to open their bags and rewrite the list of supplies while at the airport in Jamaica. On completion, the list was given to the Immigration Department.

On Sunday, June 10, the Jamaica Team realized that there was miscommunication between the Anglican Diocese of Jamaica, St. Peter’s Anglican Church in Falmouth, and the team, as to their visit. Nevertheless, the people of St. Peter’s were as usual, very welcoming and warm.

Monday, June 11, was the team’s first full day of missionary work. They encountered challenges on that day as well. The building that housed the medical clinic was hot as usual with inefficient air conditioning, which was quite uncomfortable for working. The Vacation Bible School (VBS) Team at Granville Safety Home for Girls realized that another team had been scheduled at the facility in the afternoon so our team had to cut their activities for the day. However, the VBS Team came to the clinic and assisted the medical team which was helpful.

Do continue to pray for the Jamaican Team as they seek to do mission and ministry in that part of the world.