We are delighted to hear from our counterparts in Jamaica and the following is a brief synopsis of what is happening there:

Saturday, June 11:
We arrived later than we normally would in past years. By the time we cleared customs and checked into our hotel, it was too late to have our usual quick visit with the girls. We all went to bed early as we were exhausted.

Sunday, June 12:
On Sunday, The Rev. Maud Paraison conducted Pentecostal services at St. Peter’s and St. Stephen’s, after which the team had rest time before preparing for Mondays duties. The young people are excited with anticipation.

Monday, June 13:
On Monday, we had a very busy day with 42 patients with various medical problems. The team did a great job, working all day without a lunch break. The team at Granville Home for Girls also had a great day. They reported that the girls were behaving better  than they did last year and are also more cooperative. VBS went well and they enjoyed multiple games of dodgeball. Arts and crafts completed the day with them using the beads to make beautiful necklaces and bracelets. The children are all fitting in well and having a good time. 

Tuesday, June 14: Today was an extremely busy and challenging day in the clinic. The team continues to do remarkably well seeing 50+ patients and working well together. The group at Granville had a more challenging day with some of the girls not behaving appropriately. As usual, the members of the team were up to the challenge. The youth especially the new members are doing well – and making valuable contributions.We look forward to hearing more from our brothers and sisters in Jamaica as the week continues…