Medical Clinic

IMGP6888aDr. Claudette McKenzie joined the group today, Thursday, June 13, after spending 3 days with another mission teamIMGP6923a in Kingston. With her area of specialty being gynaecology she is a welcome addition. Our Dr. Richards was ill, but with meds and some prayers she is recovering nicely and will be back in the clinic. Things continue to go very well in general.

Granville Home

DSCF0173aToday at Granville the girls were busily engaged in making duct tape purses, working in small groups they taught each DSCF0146aother the process. Small group discussions also focused on anger management and appropriate ways of expressing anger. Discussions with the facility teachers also brought out their needs and frustrations. Rev. Pere Maud continued her ministry to the entire staff. Overall it was a productive day.

PS…Josie’s prayers for the Miami Heat were answered.