Medical Clinic

IMGP6880aThings continue to go very smoothly at the Clinic. The environment is very comfortable, Josie and Vashti have theIMGP6869a pharmacy under complete control. Dr. Hibbert our dentist is doing an amazing job, along with his friend, Jeff, who he recruited to be his assistant. The doctors are working very well together with the nurses. I must comment that despite working with Dr. Richards on many occasions, and at different settings over the years, I have never heard her laugh as much or enjoy her patients as she is doing this week.


Granville Home

DSCF0188aThe team had an exciting and enjoyable day. The girls began working together and helping each other in drawing DSCF0198adesigns on their T-shirts. This led into a discussion about being good neighbors and helping each other. This seemed to have some impact on many of them. The team members continue to work well together and spirits are still high.