Spiritual growth is necessary for making us more capable in carrying out the Great Commission of “going out and making disciples of all nations…” This is better achieved when we grow spiritually through interacting, studying and learning about God and His Word with each other. The ability to learn, question and discuss helps us to be better able to apply God’s Word to all aspects of our daily lives. Our discipleship is displayed in the gathering of God’s people to hear God’s Word read, and preached, adult Christian Education every Sunday and during Lent, Confirmation and First Communion classes, Sunday School, and Vacation Bible School (VBS) for children, annual retreats, prayer, baptism and marriage preparation.

Discipleship Purpose Group
This group consists of the leaders of the ministries or organizations relating to discipleship, or their representative. The Rector or his/her designee shall be ex-officio members of the Group and two members of the Vestry serve as liaisons to the Group.

The purpose of the Group is to implement and maintain ways in which members are educated through biblical teaching that would improve their lives spiritually while assisting them in becoming faithful followers or disciples of Christ. The group is expected to seek new ideas and opportunities that would promote our Church’s goals, and promote discipleship in our Church.