Fellowship is about belonging and connecting with each other in relationship. Through fellowship, at Holy Sacrament, members are expected to experience love, friendship, hope, guidance, forgiveness, and encouragement. We exercise fellowship in a number of ways through Hospitality Hour, our Outdoor Eucharist and Picnics, our Congregation Appreciation Service and Breakfast, social events, and the like.

Fellowship Purpose Group
This group consists of the leaders of the ministries or organizations relating to fellowship, or their representative. The Rector or his/her designee shall be ex-officio members of the Group and two members of the Vestry serve as liaisons to the Group.

The purpose of the Group is to foster an environment in which people experience fellowship through loving one another more deeply, and where they find love, hope, guidance, encouragement and forgiveness. This is accomplished by developing, coordinating and implementing Fellowship-related ministries, programs, and projects for the Church, focusing on the members, the local community, and the Diocese.