The Book Club
The members of the Book Club enjoy this intellectually, stimulating activity. They read, study, and discuss a different book on one Friday night of each month. They also enjoy a wonderful fellowship together while sharing and partaking of light refreshments, hors d’oevres and wine.

Parish Year Calendar
Please click here for Holy Sacrament’s 2016 Calendar of Services and Events.

Annual Health Fair
Health is a key ministry at Holy Sacrament, partly because several members of the church are active and/or retired medical and health professionals. The Church holds every year, a free Health and Safety Fair, organized by the Health Committee, as an outreach program to the South Florida community. Health organizations including hospitals, medical agencies, private and specialty practices, support our Fair by offering their professional services through basic health screenings, dental hygiene, pediatric health screening, and providing health education on a wide number of medical topics and issues, among other areas. Every year, hundreds of persons benefit from the services offered through our Health Fair.
In addition to the Health Fair, the group of medical professionals also engage in a number of health-related activities on a continuing basis throughout the year. These include:

  • Health Education and Wellness Promotion Seminars
  • Monthly Blood Pressure Screening
  • Home Care Visitation
  • Hospital Visitation/Respite Services
  • Medical Alert Teams [On Call during worship services and events


Congregation Appreciation Service and Breakfast
Every first Sunday in February, the Stewardship Committee sponsors a catered Breakfast as a way of saying “Thank You” to the members of the Church for their stewardship of time, talent and finances to the Church. One service is held on this day as the members of both services come together in worship and fellowship. The worship service focuses on appreciation and thanks and members of the Stewardship Committee play an important role in the service.

Outdoor Eucharist and Picnic
Twice a year (the Sunday after Easter Day and the second Sunday in November), the Church Family worship in the Pavilion on the west side of our campus. We dress in casual and relaxed attire and enjoy a day of music, liturgy, fellowship, conversation, food, and fun. Immediately following the service, the Church set up their various picnic areas on the Church Campus around a beautiful lake. There are activities for the children’s enjoyment.

Workshops and Seminars
The Fellowship Team hosts a number of workshops and seminars each year, including First Aid and CPR workshops, Sewing Workshops, and health seminars on a variety of topics.