When one is on vacation, one wants to go at his or her own pace particularly if one’s life is always programmed by time. This morning (July 29) was one of those times. We slept in late while Jacqueline had left earlier for work. When we finally woke up we decided to have a late breakfast at The Original House of Pancakes. Jacqueline had recommended it to us. In fact, it was so late that Tadhg said a few times that after breakfast it will be lunch time and we can go straight to lunch…LOL – (laugh out loud).

Then it was off to a Children’s museum named “EdVenture” in downtown Columbia, South Carolina. This is the largest children’s museum in the southeast part of the United States. I am not sure why it is called, “EdVenture,” but possibly for one of two reasons – either from the name of the statue called “Eddie,” located at the entrance of the museum, or from the word, “Education” suggesting that it is an educational adventure. Regardless to whichever it is, it was a wonderful and educational experience for the children and a bit tiring for me (arghhh). But what was most important was that Tadhg and Aleksi had a great time. They learned some parts of the body, “milked a cow,” enjoyed sitting on a tractor, driving a fire truck and you should have seen Aleksi sliding down the pole. The children also enjoyed being in the gym section of the museum and acting as weather news presenters for a while.

After the museum, we had a late lunch at the “Five Guys” (the calories), did a little shopping and back home where we had a delicious dinner and shared in conversation with Jacqueline.