???????????????????????????????A knock at the door at 6:00 a.m. by our Team Leader, Karen Eddy, was the indicator that we were once again to prepare ourselves for going out into the mission field. With the customary??????????????????????????????? Eucharist in the morning, we were blessed by the beautiful playing of the saxophone by Hashan Bhim. At the conclusion of the Mass, we journeyed to another part of the Bonao area named Boca de Yuboa to engage in a half-day mission. Dr. Pat Rowe-King treated 55 children, concluding just after 2:00 p.m.

???????????????????????????????We then met with the San Juan Bautista Church volunteers to thank them for their hard work and support during our visit. We also presented each of them with gifts. We then returned to the hotel for lunch. I spent over an hour speaking with two of our Dominican volunteers, Carlos and Issbel, outside of my hotel. It was wonderful chatting with them. They later brought us gifts – photos taken by Issbel. She is a photographer and Carlos is pursuing a theater and art degree.

???????????????????????????????I spent the afternoon packing and updating my blog. Then it was off to a party at Father Vicente’s and Nancy’s home. The Vestry and spouses as well as some??????????????????????????????? friends were invited. We had a great time and exchanged gifts.

The evening ended with a brief team meeting at which Karen expressed her thanks and appreciation to us for our missionary work and support and look forward to where God is leading us. She also presented us with “DR Missionary 2013” pins, compliments of the Diocese.

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