???????????????????????????????The first day of actually engaging in missionary work started with the Eucharist at 7:45 in the morning at the Iglesia de San Juan Bautista. ???????????????????????????????Monday’s clinic was held upstairs of the church building. There were some errands to be done before the clinic could begin, including a visit to the pharmacy by Dr. Pat Rowe-King to purchase additional medication that she needed. She was accompanied by Father Vicente and me.

???????????????????????????????Over 70 children were treated that day including two babies (one 6 days old and the other 10 days old). All aspects of the clinic went rather smoothly and although most members of the team are in new positions in the clinic, everything has been going very well and persons are working beautifully as is customary in previous missions.

Ron, our construction guy, painted the exterior of the café which he assisted in renovating last year. William, the Diocesan painter, and Abel, Father Vicente’s son, helped.

???????????????????????????????We held our nightly team meeting immediately following dinner as we debrief the day’s events. Persons also??????????????????????????????? addressed times during the day that they felt the presence of God in the midst of what they were doing or in the situations around them. One of the two younger members of our team also spoke about his befriending one of the young volunteers of Iglesia de San Juan Bautista who we all believe would welcome such a friendship and him being a comrade. He was encouraged by the team to continue pursuing such a friendship.

After packing for the next day, the team retired for the night.