Concert Series

Come and Join us for an
engaging evening of music,
with singing sensation:

They have excited audiences throughout the Tri-County area

RT5 is a young group from Miami, FL that loves to perform and put on a show for the people. They will take you on a route through the past, the present and the future, so that everyone can enjoy, from kids, to grandma and grandpa.

Jeffrey Lefevre (Free): sings baritone and is the stylist in RT5. At age 20, he is the one of the oldest member of the group (and the one with the most swag--just ask him). Many R&B artists such as Boyz 2 Men, R Kelly, and several others have inspired him. According to his peers he not only has a fabulous voice, but also is a human GPS, a talent unexpectedly valuable on tour. Free is of Haitian descent and is eager to help his home country. He strives to become one of the greats in the music industry.

Jerry Lefevre (JR): Known for his sweet falsettos, sings tenor 1 and is the lead singer of the group, the most spirited as well. In spite of his bravado, he is a very humble and hardworking artist inspired by Brian McKnight, Bruno Mars, and Michael Jackson, to name a few. JB loves sports, especially basketball, and brings his competitive edge to RT5. He is quick to acknowledge the important role his parents play in the group's support system, true for all the young men. Success in the music business is his number one goal in life.

Debson Dudre Mompremier (Debs): at 17 is the youngest member of the group, but the most intense. This multifaceted young man is a singer, rapper, and songwriter. He began singing at age three, and added rapping to R&B and hip hop by the time he was 12. His influences are Bruno Mars, Kendrick Lamar, and J. Cole. Debs plays the roles of singing tenor 2 and rapping in RT5's music. Although he is first and foremost an artist, his organizational skills are outstanding and much appreciated by his peers. Debs is focusing his intensity on putting Route 5 at the top of the charts.

Nickson J. Mompremier (Pres or President): sings bass. He is a very skilled vocalist and a dedicated musician. He thinks of himself as an 'old soul' because of his love of old school music that includes the work of Boyz II Men, New Edition, the O'Jays, and Tony! Toni! Tone! He began singing gospel music with his brothers when he was very young, inspired by his parents to sing at church. As he grew, Pres fell in love with R&B and pop. He is determined to be one the greats, and plans to get there.

Jason Mompremier(Jay Mompre): sings tenor 3 and is the vocal arranger for Route 5. He is also the most serious and business-like of the group. His passion for music has always been a vital part of his life. Jason's parents sang gospel music a cappella at church, and early on he became fascinated with the way their harmonies blended. Several artists such as Bruno Mars, Usher, Neyo, and Michael Jackson have been inspirations to him. Jason takes his leadership position in Route5 (second oldest) seriously. His calm, serious manner provides guidance to the group. Jason has confidence that RT5 will heard all over the world.

Concerts and Recitals

Concerts and recitals are a major feature of the music program
at Holy Sacrament.
Renowned national and international musicians
perform different genres of music at our concerts and recitals
held on a quarterly basis (every three months).
If you or your group would like to be considered for participation
in one of our concerts here at Holy Sacrament,
or need more information regarding the concert series,
please contact our Director of Music, Michael Harris.