St. John's Cathedral, Belize CityWith a wake call at 6:00 a.m., our day started with preparation for Mass at St. John’s Cathedral, the oldest church in Central America. Before leaving the hotel, we had a wonderful breakfast in the bar area of the hotel. The Rev. Lynda Moguel, presided at the Eucharist, which began at 8:30 a.m.

The two-hour Eucharistic service, with the Sacrament of Holy Baptism, celebrated the Feast of Pentecost, ???????????????????????the coming of the Holy Spirit to the Church. I preached the sermon, the second time in the Cathedral in 8 months. I had preached in October of last year when we were on our fact-finding mission. Bishop Wright extended an invitation for me to preach on this occasion as well. Erna, our Team Leader, spoke on behalf of the team about the missionary work we will be doing in Belize. Some of the children of the Anglican School at Queen’s ???????????????????????Square also rendered two songs. There were a large number of children attending the service, which was very gratifying and healthy. I assisted with the administration of communion and to bless those celebrating birthdays and wedding anniversaries, including our own Al and Rose Skeete, two of our missionaries celebrating their wedding anniversary this week. With Rev. Lynda, I blessed the children.

One of the highlights of the trip so far for me was seeing a little boy for whom I had prayed last October, at the request of his grandmother,
doing remarkably better. His grandmother was delighted to share her exciting news with me. There was also a profound experience that took ???????????????????????DSC04802 (2) (800x600)place in the service. There were two doves, symbolic of the Holy Spirit, flying around the ceiling of the cathedral. However, during the Eucharistic Prayer, as Rev. Moguel, said the words, “In fulfillment of his true promise, the Holy Spirit came down from heaven, lighting upon the disciples…” one of two doves “came down” from the ceiling and landed on the floor next to the altar. It was truly interesting and unusual, but yet profound experience.

DSC04807 (2) (800x600)After the Mass, we had lunch at the Radisson Hotel, situated near the Caribbean Sea. Father Richards, his wife, Verolyn, daughter, Shawn, and his two grandchildren joined us for lunch.  I enjoyed sitting and chatting with five of the younger members of our team, listening to them articulate their hopes and dreams for the future.

After lunch, we returned to the hotel, got changed and went to see one of the Mayan ruins called Altun Ha, just over??????????????????????? an hour’s drive from the hotel. It was truly a wonderful experience as we first listened to the tour guide’s presentation of the history of the ruins.  Several of the missionaries climbed the pyramids and just had a wonderful time. We ended the night with a team meeting, and dinner.



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