On Tuesday, June 9, the morning began as usual with the Eucharist, breakfast, and departure from the hotel to the various places of missionary work. The biblical lessons for today were focused on our responsibility “to teach, baptize and nurture believers.”

Father Tony interacting with students of Queen's Square during a V.B.S. session.

Father Tony interacting with students of Queen’s Square during a V.B.S. session.

With Sehon Richards, the grandson of Father Eric Richards, as my designated driver, I spent the morning on the campus of St. John’s Anglican School

Dr. Dion Scotland, VBS Leade,r assisting children of Queen's Square.

Dr. Dion Scotland, VBS Leader, assisting children of Queen’s Square.

with the Vacation Bible School team who were engaged in VBS with the 8th and 9th graders of the Anglican School of Queen’s Square. I first met with the Principal of St. John’s, Ms. Ersella Griffith, and then with Assistant Principal of Queen’s Square, Ms. Willis.

It was a wonderful experience sharing with the VBS team and the students of the school. The children made journals, focusing on a number of areas: creating their own prayer, setting out a vision for their lives, and implementing an action plan. I had the opportunity to read several of the journals and was greatly impressed by the work done by the children. The prayers focused mostly on the theme of forgiveness and reconciliation, their plan to avoid conflicts, and to live in a state of peace. Most of the visions of these children were geared toward the professions they would like to have in the future. These included becoming veterinarians, doctors, attorneys, and models. Most of the boys wanted to be sportsmen – professional basketball and soccer players. I felt that the exercise was a very positive one.

The Belizean community waiting to see one of the physicians.

The Belizean community waiting to see one of the physicians.

Meanwhile, the Health teams had an extremely busy day with over 100 children descending upon the Pediatric Health Clinic at the very same time. It

One of the windows, the Construction team put in the restrooms.

One of the windows, the Construction team put in the restrooms.

was overwhelming but the team was able to minister to the needs of these children as expeditiously and effectively as possible. The Medical teams saw over 70 adults and over 120 children on this day.

In the afternoon, I visited the Diocesan Office, where I met with Bishop Wright, and Deborah Domingo, the General Manager of the Anglican Schools. Following these meetings, I visited the Health Clinics at St. Mary’s Anglican Parish Hall.

The evening ended as usual with dinner at the hotel, a team meeting, and Compline. We also experience the joy of palanca, secret gifts, from our family, friends, and fellow missionaries. We love you and thank you for your letters and gifts, and for thinking of us.






20150609_123451 (2) (1024x576)Rosemary and Amanda Robbins with students of the Anglican School at Queen’s Square on the campus of St. John’s School.


20150609_122250 (2) (1024x576)Tour Belize City in horse and carriage.

20150608_125247 (2) (1024x576)Sandra Blackman and Jill Ross assisting a patient.

20150612_164837 (2) (1024x576)St. Mary’s Anglican School, Belize City.