Having not been in the office for a week always mean lots to do when I return. After returning from mission in the Dominican Republic was no exception. It was back to meetings, keeping up-to-date on happenings which took place while I was away, and getting back into the groove of things. Thankfully, I was able to respond to emails on my blackberry while I was in the DR. If not, I would have had several emails to answer as well. Thank God for technology.

One of the major events since my return was the Young Adult and Youth Retreat, which was held on the weekend of June 24 – 26 at the Dayspring Conference Center in Parrish, Florida, some 3 hours drive from home.  Over forty young people and their leaders attended the retreat. With my children, I spent the Friday evening and Saturday with the youth, returning late on Saturday night. Dr. Maureen Lue, a member of our church, was the featured speaker on Saturday. She spoke about aspects of her life and the need for young people to have a positive outlook on their life and that of others. She also emphasized the need to have positive goals for the future. The Spiritual Leader of the Retreat was Patricia Wildman, a member of the Holy Family Episcopal Church, Miami Gardens. The retreat was a time for spiritual enrichment, testimony, dance, fun, and fellowship.