Granville Home of Safety for Girls

DSCF0132aThe first day at the Home had its usual surprises. We were a bit surprised to find a small group of college students IMGP6848apresent, however we were able to work together as they were only there for 2 hours. As usual, the girls were disruptive and aggressive. There were more than 60 girls at the facility. The day, however, went well and we were able to accomplish the day’s plans.

Medical Clinic

We were pleasantly surprised at  the clinic to see that the air conditioning system had been completely renovated with three new efficient units. WeIMGP6854a quickly settled into our cool, comfortable work space. The new doctors as well as our dentist became rapidly oriented and we were efficiently able to see 40+ patients on our first day. As usual the patients were pleasant and appreciative, things have started well.