Campus - 2

Church Building
The Church Building (Sanctuary), which was built in 1985, has a seating capacity of 375. Dedicated on May 5, 1985, the Church Building is fully air-conditioned and features a high, hand-finished cedar ceiling. A statue of the risen Christ hangs above the altar except during the Lenten season when a crucified Christ is displayed. Twelve banners, made by one of the church’s members, are situated on the north and south walls of the Church. They showcase the various seasons and holy days of the Church’s Calendar from Advent to the Trinity, while at the same time depicting the life of Christ.

Hetrick Hall
The Parish Hall, called Hetrick Hall, was our former sanctuary for over thirty years until it was converted in 1985 to its current functionality. Its capacity is 150 people and it boasts a large commercial kitchen. The Parish Hall serves as a place for fellowship after the 8:00 a.m. and 10:15 a.m. worship services, classrooms, training, meetings, banquets, and receptions. It also serves as a cafeteria for the Charter School of Excellence students. The room can be subdivided with a large sliding wall divider. Like the Pavilion, it is open to the community to hold religious, community, cultural, social, recreational, and personal events and activities. You may reserve the Hetrick Hall for an event.

For scheduling and how you may reserve the Pavilion for an event please call 954-432-8686.

Church Office Building
The Church Office building, dedicated in 1999, houses the offices of the Rector, the Parish Administrator, the Bookkeeper, the Office Assistant, and the Youth Director. The Office Building has a reception area, a copier room, a conference room which is used primarily for meetings and Adult Christian Education, and a kitchenette. To the east of the office building stands a statue of St. Francis of Assisi.

MacDonald Building
Originally, the home of the Rector, the MacDonald Building was renovated and became a multi-purpose facility now used for youth group meetings, men’s prayer breakfast, women’s meetings and activities, Exercise classes, seminars, and a number of other activities. It also houses a large room which is personally for the young people of the parish.

The building was named after the late Canon Kenneth Eugene MacDonald, who was an Associate Priest of Holy Sacrament for a number of years until his death.

Thrift Shoppe
The New-to-You Thrift Shoppe, operated by the Episcopal Church Women (ECW), is housed on the north-west side of the church campus. It has ample parking for the members of the community who come to shop for decorative knick-knacks, used clothing, shoes, housewares, books, toys and other items. These things are sold at very reasonable prices.  The Shoppe is open Monday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. To contact the Thrift Shop, please call 954-432-5437.

Dowerman Pavilion
The Jake Dowerman Memorial Pavilion was donated to the parish in 1985 in memory of Jake Dowerman, who was a local community leader and parishioner. After being destroyed by a hurricane, the Pavilion was rededicated on Sunday, September 19, 2010.  The Pavilion is located on the west side of the property and is used for the Church’s Outdoor Worship Services and Picnics, and outdoor activities. It is open to churches, organizations, and the community alike to hold religious, community, cultural, recreational, social and personal events and activities.

For scheduling and how you may reserve the Pavilion for an event please call 954-432-8686.

Memorial Garden
The Howard Schwickart’s Memorial Garden, established in 1999, consists of a columbarium and garden area. There is currently one wall unit, but the garden is designed to accommodate two additional units. The central garden area is also used for the interment of ashes. The garden offers a place for quiet prayer and meditation.

School Building
In 1979, the Church established a day school, called The Holy Sacrament Church Academy, with a preschool and kindergarten. By 1984, first grade had been added and a grade each year for the next four years. The school was operated by the Church until 2008 when the facility was rented by The Charter Schools of Excellence.

Campus Map
The 10-acre campus houses the Church Building, Hetrick (Parish) Hall, Church Office Building, the MacDonald Building, which was the former Rectory, the School Building, Thrift Shoppe,
Dowerman Pavilion, and Memorial Garden.

Campus Map