Stewardship Committee, The
Chair: Abe Bailey

The Stewardship Committee promotes, throughout the year, the biblical principles that are required of us, as members of Holy Sacrament, to give of our time, treasure and talents in God’s service.

The Committee meets the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 7:00 p.m. in the MacDonald Building.

Each year, the Committee sponsors and hosts a number of events to facilitate its objectives. These events include:
 - Congregation Appreciation Breakfast
 - Annual Health Fair
 - Rally of the Month/Birthday
 - Parish Raffle
The Committee is also responsible for the preparation and implementation of the Annual Stewardship Drive which begins in October, the assimilation of members' Time and Talent information, and the distribution of offering /pledge envelopes.

The duties of the Committee also include organizing 
three Ministry Education Sundays which form part of the Stewardship Drive. These Sundays give members an opportunity to view the displays of and to learn about the church's various ministries and programs, so as to make a more informed decision as to which ministry they feel called to participate.

The members of the Committee are: Abe A. Bailey (Chair), Doreen Williams (Secretary), Owen Batchelor, Sheila Brown, Joseph Faluade, Nicki Lockwood, Carl McBean, Faye McGann, Everal Miller, Shirley Murray, Shevon Nelson, Carlene Nugent, Deborah Stevens, and Milton Wright.
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