• Bishop Henry I. Loutitt gave permission to a group of parishioners from St. John’s Episcopal Church in Hollywood to establish a church in the West Hollywood area.


November 1955:

  • An organizational meeting was held.
  • The name, The Church of the Holy Sacrament, was chosen and the first priest, the Reverend Wells Folson was introduced.


March 1956:

  • Holy Sacrament held its first worship service in the Mahan building at 63rd Avenue and Filmore Street in Hollywood, Florida.
  • The Church worshiped there for about two years.



  • Father Edward Aldworth served as Priest-in-Charge.



  • Father Peter Tonella arrived.
  • Bishop Loutitt approved the purchase of the 10 acre tract in West Hollywood which is the present site of the church. The property was to contain a home with a pool was purchased to be used as a rectory.
  • Services were held in a tent until the Church, Parish Hall and two Church School buildings were constructed on the property in the early 1960s.
  • The following decade brought grace and growth to the parish.



  • The Reverend Henry N. F. Minick served as Vicar.
  • While the first building and Parish Hall were being built a large tent was erected on the grounds in which services were held.
  • Later, two buildings used for Sunday School Classes and meeting rooms were built.



  • The Reverend George Gurney served as Vicar.
  • During this time a concert choir “The Tilted Halos,” under the direction of Harry Norton was formed.
  • For several years concerts of old, traditional, and contemporary music were presented at many area churches from South Miami Lutheran to Saint Andrew’s, Fort Pierce. This choir grew to about 35 members, from ages, 10 to 75, including many instrumentalists.



  • The Reverend Robert Switz served as a Vicar of Holy Sacrament Church (1970-1974).
  • The Reverend William Hunt served as Vicar from 1974 to 1976.
  • During this time the True Fund was begun with Lynn Ramshaw as organizer. This fund “Toward the Relief of Urgent Emergencies,” assisted many people in need. As many as 42 South Florida churches established True Funds.



  • The Reverend Bryan A. Hobbs served as the last Vicar and the first Rector of Holy Sacrament.



  • Father Hobbs led the church through its first year of self-sufficiency and self-support to the stage of becoming a parish.
  • Under his leadership, Holy Sacrament grew from a small mission congregation to a parish of well over 1000 members.
  • A day school, called The Holy Sacrament Episcopal Church Academy, with a preschool and kindergarten, was opened.



  • First grade was added and a grade each year for the next four years.



  • As the church grew so did its vision. Plans began to build a new sanctuary and to landscape the property.
  • The present Church building was dedicated on May 5, 1985.
  • After the new church was built, the older church building became the Parish Hall.



  • The Jake Dowerman Pavilion and the Thrift Shop were built.
  • The Church Offices, Hetrick Hall (Parish Hall), and the Rectory were all renovated.
  • The Church continued to grow in membership, with three services now held and an associate priest, The Reverend Canon Kenneth MacDonald joined our clergy.


Middle of the 1980s:

  • A Harvest Festival was held for several years. This included a carnival, a craft fair and an auction of items donated by parishioners and local businesses.



  • Holy Sacrament embarked on its first overseas mission to Haiti.
  • Friends Reaching Friends, the Church’s mission organization, was formed and international missions continue to be held yearly.



  • Father Hobbs also received his Doctor of Ministry degree in Missions and Church Growth from Fuller Theological Seminary.



  • Phase 1 of the building program was completed with the dedication of a new Church Office building.
  • A new parking lot was added, landscaping was enhanced, the Memorial Garden constructed, and additional classrooms were built for the Academy and Sunday School use.



  • Dr. Hobbs resigned after 24 years as Rector of Holy Sacrament, making him the longest serving Rector of the church.
  • He became Archdeacon of Congregational Development of the Diocese of Southeast Florida.
  • During the interim, The Reverend Canon Kenneth MacDonald served as our parish priest.



  • The Vestry called The Reverend F. Wilson Brown to be their Second Rector.



  • The Holy Sacrament Church Academy closed and the facility was rented by The Charter Schools of Excellence.


May 2008:

  • Father F. Wilson Brown resigned as Rector.



  • The Reverend Dr. Perry Fuller, The Reverend John Cobriere and The Reverend David Collins served as Interim Rectors of Holy Sacrament.



  • The first Health and Safety Fair to the community was held. This is a free outreach event to the larger South Florida community.


January 1, 2011:

  • The Reverend Dr. Anthony B. Holder became the Third Rector of Holy Sacrament.


March 5, 2011:

  • Dr. Holder instituted as the Third Rector.


November 2011:

  • The reintroduction of the Harvest Thanksgiving Festival on the Sunday before Thanksgiving Day. Some of the items brought for the Harvest Festival were given in the form of Thanksgiving baskets to families in need.


December 1, 2011:

  • The Reverend Bernard M. Griffith, former Rector of Christ Episcopal Church, Miami, FL, became Assisting Priest.



  • The introduction of Health Education Seminars, monthly Blood Pressure checks, Vacation Bible School, Home and Hospital Visitation team, Outdoor Worship Services and Picnics, Term Appointments for Ministry Leaders, Tutoring Programs in CPR, First Aid, and Sewing.


June 2013:

  • Holy Sacrament concluded 15 years of missionary work in Jamaica and the Dominican Republic.


June 2014:

  • Holy Sacrament embarked on its first mission trip to Belize with 38 missionaries.