Bible Challenge


The Bible Challenge
Part 1


February 2013

My Dear Friends:

Welcome to The Bible Challenge!

The Bible is God’s Story. It is a story of faith, hope, and love, demonstrated in the way in which God creates, redeems and sustains His people. This makes it our story as well. As Christians and Episcopalians, we are called to share God’s Word by communicating it to others. In order to do that effectively, we need to read, study, and understand the Bible.

With this in mind, from Ash Wednesday (February 13, 2013) until the beginning of June, I hope we will seize the opportunity to read the Bible, and more particularly its first five books. This is an exciting time for us to read together and talk about what we have read. I hope that we will find this journey of reading the Scriptures both edifying and energizing and use the opportunity to listen to God in the pages of his story.

I have prepared a few questions and answers outlining how we will engage in this exercise so that it will be spiritually fulfilling and stimulating.

I invite you to join Judith and me in this exercise as we read God’s Word together. My prayer is that our lives will be strengthened spiritually, our faith and knowledge of God’s Word will increase, and that the Holy Spirit will open our minds and hearts so that we have a better understanding of the sacred texts.

Please allow me to express my thanks and appreciation to Dr. Valerie Turner Pearson for willingly agreeing to write a synopsis of each of the first five books of the Bible that precedes the reading texts. She has done an incredible job.

I need to add that there is a Children's component to the Bible Challenge. You can click on the links below for a message from my children, Tadhg and Aleksi, to their peers and for the Bible Challenge for Children Reading Guide.

I wish you every blessing and my prayerful support as we begin another aspect of our spiritual journey faithfully reading the Scriptures each day.

Every Blessing!

The Rev. Dr. Anthony B. Holder


Bible Challenge for Adults
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